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About Us

Adelaide AvMed offers CASA aviation medical assessments provided by Dr Damian Nguyen, an Adelaide-based DAME and fellow pilot. Working with local flight schools at Parafield Airport, we aim to provide flexible and after-hours medicals to our pilots. To facilitate your medical, we are very happy to guide you through the process and which tests are required.
Class 1 Medical
  • For commercial pilots
  • Renewed 6 monthly to annually
Class 2 Medical
  • For recreational and private pilots
  • Renewed 2 - 4 yearly
Class 3 Medical
  • For air traffic control officers
  • Renewed 2 yearly
Basic Class 2 Medical
  • For recreational/private pilots with restrictions

Our AvMed Services

By Pilots, for Pilots

Performed by a DAME who is also a private pilot and actively involved in the aviation community, let us help get you flying in a relaxed and stress free environment.

Opening Hours


Variable times after 5:30pm - Please refer to booking system below

Other Weekdays/Weekends

Please contact us for medicals on other days as we may be able to offer other after-hours or flexible options.

Getting Your Aviation Medical

CLASS 1 & 3

For those pursuing a career in commercial aviation or air traffic control, a Class 1 or 3 medical is required respectively. Initial applicants require several tests and reports for their medical including:

  • ECG
  • Bloods – lipids & glucose
  • Audiometry
  • Ophthalmology review
For renewals, tests are required at various intervals based on age groups.

CLASS 2 & Basic Class 2

For those pursuing aviation for avenues such as private piloting, a Class 2 or Basic Class 2 medical is suitable.

No initial tests are required for the Class 2 or Basic Class 2 medical.

Fees & Prices

  • CASA Aviation Medical Initial Issue/Renewal (Class 1/2/3/Basic Class 2) - $225 ($250 from July 1st)
  • ECG - $45 ($55 from July 1st)
  • Medical Clearance Reviews - $125
  • Follow-up consultations/re-submission of medical application due to missing required test results - $125
  • Cancellation within 24 hours of appointment/No-Show Fee - $55